MIDA i-Services Portal was launched by the Minister of International Trade and Industry at the National Investment Seminar 2018 held on 30 October 2018. The portal underscores MIDA’s continued efforts to reinforce the services sector as the main engine of growth for the nation and government’s unwavering commitment to encourage utilisation of local services in the country .

The portal is a business linkage platform to connect local service providers and their potential clients, which consist of both domestic and foreign companies. Local service providers are encouraged to register their businesses in the portal as this will be an effective, cost-efficient medium to showcase their expertise and capabilities. This gateway will also help them expand their markets and further boost business activities. Through this portal, potential clients (to be registered as user of i-Services) will be able to gain access to a database on local suppliers based on various categories of services.

The objectives of MIDA i-Services Portal are:
1. To assist investors who are looking for local service providers
2. To promote and encourage the utilisation of local service providers for investment projects
3. To facilitate linkages programmes by MIDA or other agencies