MIDA i-Services Portal was launched by the Minister of International Trade and Industry at the National Investment Seminar 2018 held on 30 October 2018. The portal underscores MIDA’s continued efforts to reinforce the services sector as the main engine of growth for the nation and government’s unwavering commitment to encourage utilisation of local services in the country .

The portal is a business linkage platform to connect local service providers and their potential clients, which consist of both domestic and foreign companies. Local service providers are encouraged to register their businesses in the portal as this will be an effective, cost-efficient medium to showcase their expertise and capabilities. This gateway will also help them expand their markets and further boost business activities. Through this portal, potential clients (to be registered as user of i-Services) will be able to gain access to a database on local suppliers based on various categories of services.

The objectives of MIDA i-Services Portal are:
1. To assist investors who are looking for local service providers
2. To promote and encourage the utilisation of local service providers for investment projects
3. To facilitate linkages programmes by MIDA or other agencies

Types of services available are as follows:

ACCOUNTING, AUDITING AND TAXATION Accounting, book-keeping, auditing and tax consultancy services include activities involving the recording of commercial transactions for business or others, the preparation of financial accounts, the examination of these accounts and the certification of their accuracy and the preparation of personal and business income tax returns. Included therein are related advisory activities and representation (other than legal representation) on behalf of clients before tax authorities.
ADVERTISING & MARKET RESEARCH 1. Advertising refers to the provision of advertising services by an advertising agency. Its activities also include media representation, aerial advertising, distribution or delivery of advertising materials or samples, and renting of spaces for advertisement
2. Market research services are defined as the investigation services designed to secure information on the prospects and performance of an organisation?s products in the market. It includes market analysis (size and other characteristics of a market) and analysis of consumer?s attitudes and preferences utilizing personal interviews, telephone and mail surveys, historical data, etc.

ARCHITECTURAL CONSULTANCY Architectural consultancy services include consulting which concerns building design and drafting and often supervision of construction, town and city planning and landscape architecture
CONSTRUCTION & ITS RELATED SERVICES General construction and specialized construction activities for buildings and civil engineering works. It includes new work, repair, additions and alterations, the erection of prefabricated buildings or structures on the site and also construction of a temporary nature.
EDUCATION AND INDUSTRIAL TRAINING (INCLUDING INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL) Education and industrial training services include private higher education (including college and university education) and other technical and vocational education.
ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY 1. Advisory and consultative engineering services
2. Engineering design services for the construction of foundations and building structures
3. Engineering design services for mechanical and electrical installations for buildings
4. Engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works
5. Engineering design services for industrial processes and production
6. Engineering design services n.e.c (acoustical and vibration engineering designs
7. Other engineering services during the construction and installation phase.

ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT & CONSULTANCY 1. Environmental impact assessment (EIA) consultancy
2. Environmental management system (EMS) compliance with ISO 14000
3. Scheduled wastes management (including waste recycling, waste disposal and recovery, sewage recovery and disposal, sanitation and similar activities)
4. Environmental pollution control consultancy
FINANCIAL & INSURANCE/TAKAFUL 1. Activities of obtaining and redistributing funds including banks and other legal financial entities
2. Underwriting annuities and insurance policies/takaful ertificates and investing premiums/contributions to build up a portfolio of financial assets to be used against future claims
3. Activities auxiliary to financial service activities, insurance/takaful and pension funding
4. Fund management activities
GREEN ENERGY RELATED SERVICES 1. Services related to renewable energy project such as system design and feasibility study, advisory and consultancy, testing and commissioning.
2. Services related to energy efficiency such as advisory and consultancy, energy audit and management, measurement and verification, testing and commissioning.
3. Services related to installation, maintenance and repair of electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment, infrastructure and EV charging station.
4. Services related to operation of the EV charging station
5. Services related to maintenance, repair and overhaul of EV.
6. Services related to testing and commissioning of green building equipment and system, and services related to green building design and consultancy services.
7. Services related to system design and feasibility study, advisory and consultancy, testing and commissioning of green data centre or ICT infrastructure.
8. Services related to green certifications of products, equipment and buildings.
9. Services related to advisory and consultancy, design and feasibility study in green township and low carbon cities planning.

2. Database activities
3. Content development
4. Internet-based business application services
5. Provision of e-commerce services/solutions
6. System integration
7. Computer-assisted manufacturing services

INTEGRATED ENGINEERING SERVICES (TURNKEY/EPCC) Integrated engineering services cover engineering services related to turnkey projects, which are:
1. Integrated engineering services for transportation infrastructure turnkey projects
2. Integrated engineering and project management services for water supply and sanitation works turnkey projects
3. Integrated engineering services for the construction of manufacturing turnkey projects
4. Integrated engineering services for other turnkey projects.
LEGAL Legal services include advice and representation in civil, criminal and other cases, i.e. representation of one party?s interest against another party, whether or not before courts or other judicial bodies.
LOGISTICS 1. Warehousing, storage and inventory management services
2. Transportation services
3. Freight forwarding/customs clearance and shipping services
4. Integrated Logistic Services (ILS)
5. International Integrated Logistic Services (IILS)
6. Cold Chain Facilities

MANAGEMENT & BUSINESS CONSULTANCY Provide advice, guidance and operational assistance to businesses and other organizations on:
1. Management issues, such as strategic and organizational planning; decision areas that are financial in nature; marketing objectives and policies; human resource policies, practices and planning; production scheduling and control planning.
2. Human resource consultancy services including labour recruitment and provision of personnel service
3. Consultancy services in public relation and communications
OIL & GAS 1. Exploration services in connection with petroleum or gas extraction (e.g. traditional prospecting methods, such as making geological observations at prospective sites)
2. Directional drilling and redrilling, 'spudding in', derrick erection in site, repairing and dismantling, cementing oil and gas well casings, pumping of wells, plugging and abandoning wells
3. Liquefaction and regasification of natural gas for purpose of transport, done at the mine site
4. Draining and pumping services, on a fee or contract basis
5. Test drilling in connection with petroleum or gas extraction

REAL ESTATE & SURVEYING CONSULTANCY Real estate activities include lessors, agents and/or brokers in selling or buying real estate, renting real estate, providing other real estate services such as appraising real estate or acting as real estate escrow agents
Land and quantity surveying consultancy services includes geological and prospecting activities utilising surface measurements and observation designed to yield information on subsurface structure and the location of petroleum, natural gas and mineral deposits and ground water. This may involve airborne geophysical surveys, hydrological surveys, etc. Also included are map-making and related land surveying activities
RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R&D) SERVICES Provides R&D services in any systematic, investigative and experimental study that involves novelty or technical risk carried out in the field of science or technology with the object of acquiring new knowledge or using the results of the study for the production or improvement of materials, devices, products, produce, or processes.
SPECIALISED TECHNICAL SUPPORT (INCLUDING ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION) 1. Business process robotics and automation technology
2. Machinery maintenance and related technical services
3. Occupational safety and health management services
4. Accreditation and certification services
5. Testing and calibration services
6. Irradiation and gas sterilisation services for the medical devices industry
7. Clinical trials, bioavailability/bioequivalence or efficacy trials for the pharmaceutical industry.